Special Man-power Development Programme


The objective of this program is to develop the VLSI activities with the establishment of VLSI Design Labs at Resource centres and participating Institutions by giving training to post graduate (MS / M Tech) and Doctoral (Phd) levels in VLSI Microelectronics fields.

The SMDP II program in VLSI provides several resources for the use of students, staff and faculty. The program is funded by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt of India to set up VLSI design laboratories with advanced EDA tools in all the 32 Institutions. the 32 institutions which is formed by 7 Resource centres and 25 participating Institutions. The EDA tools and information used in the various courses taught during the course of Post-graduate and Research Programs.
IIT Delhi is one of the Resource centre under this program. The other participating institutions associated with IIT Delhi are IIT Guwahati, NIT Jalandhar, NIT Srinagar and NIT Hamirpur.
The SMDP lab is being run by the IEC Group of the Electrical Engineering Department. It hosts a variety of VLSI EDA Software tools which are used by MS/M.Tech. students of the IEC and VDTT programmes and PhD students.
The SMDP II program started in the year 2006.

People associated with SMDP

EDA tools

Following EDA Tools/ Hardware are available through SMDP-II Project

  • Cadence Tools Bundle.
  • Synopsys SoC Tools Bundle.
  • Magma Tools Bundle.
  • Mentor Tools Bundle (HEP category-1 and category-2).
  • CoWare tools.
  • Xilinx software (site licenses with 5-year subscription) as well as FPGA prototyping boards like Spartan, Vertex and Analog I/O Digital I/O DSP KIT.
  • HCL PCs and Peripherals:
    •              6 nos. of AMD 64 bit Servers with 4GB of RAM, 19" LCD monitor and RHEL4 OS.
    •              14 nos. of P4-based PCs with 2 GB of RAM, 19" LCD monitor and RHEL 4 OS.