Lab Facilities

Lab Facilities

Institute Computer Service Centre

IBM RS 6000 SP, Sun Ultra Enterprise Server 3000, Switched Fast Ethernet

VDTT Laboratory

Linux Server, Pentium-IV Workstations, High end colour printer, HP LaserJet Printer

VLSI Laboratory

Sun Solaris Server, Pentium III Machines, Linux server running on Pentium IV

Cyber Facilities Laboratory

IBM Netfinity 5600 Twin Processor, Pentium IV Machines, HP high end color printer, HP LaserJet Printer, HP 7500series Scanner, Nikon High resolution Digital Camera, Kodak Digital Camera

Software Facilities

Layout Design Tools

Cadence Design Suite, TANNER Tools, MAGIC

High Level Design Tools

Synopsys, ModelSim

Device and Process Simulation Tools

MEDICI from Synopsis, Supreme4 from Synopsis, ATLAS from Sylvaco, ATHENA from Sylvaco, BIPOLE3

Miscellaneous Tools

LINDO API - Optimization Package, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Various tools under GPL for CAD of VLSI

Analog/digital testing instruments

Agilent dual channel power supplies
0-20MHz arbitrary function generators
100MHz DSO
Lecroy 5 Gsps, 1 GHz Mixed signal oscilloscope
3.3 GHz pattern generator from Tektronix
Logic Analyzer from Agilent
Data acquisition card
Precision LCR meter from Agilent

Instruments Specific to RF Testing

40 GHz spectrum analyzer which can be extended upto 75 GHz.
    (a) a 40-50 GHz external mixer for the above SA
    (b) a 50-75 GHz external mixer for the above SA
Portable RF analyzer upto 6 GHz (includes network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, cable and antenna test, power meter)
Frequency synthesizer upto 3 GHz from R&H
Power meter
Broad-band noise diode
Few probe cards for die probing (which is at RF&microwave lab,CARE)
    (a) 7 contact dc probe and a 13 contact dc probe
    (b) A 7 contact dc & RF probe
Four R&H cables which works upto 18 GHz.


VDTT Library with exclusive collection of references and latest publications related to Microelectronics and VLSI design.


An MOU exists with MOSIS and EuroPractice till 0.18 micron CMOS technology The microelectronics laboratory in the Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE) houses a comprehensive facility for the fabrication and testing of silicon microcircuits of small to medium complexity. The laboratory is equipped with fabrication equipments such as Ion implanter, Mask aligner, Sputtering system, Reactive Ion Etching unit and LPCVD system. The laboratory also has facilities for extensive physical characterization


Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI), Pilani
Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)