Integrated Electronics and Circuits
 Department of Electrical Engineering
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The following sponsored research projects are some of the recent developments in the IEC group.

Project nameInvestigator
Integration and enablement of 0.18 micron RF-SOI technology for analog mixed-signal applicationsAbhisek Dixit
Development of optical sensors and sensor systems for real time monitoring of oil spillsAnuj Dhawan
Integrated, portable systems for rapid diagnostics in limited resource settingsAnuj Dhawan
Nano and micro structured plasmonic biochips for enhanced sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance imagingAnuj Dhawan
Plasmonic based highly sensitive gas sensing systemAnuj Dhawan
Special manpower development programme for chips to system design (SMDP-C2SD)Basabi Bhaumik
Design and development of high-G MEMS switchBhaskar Mitra
Investigation of emerging non-volatile memory technology for storage and computing applicationsManan Suri
Wide-area field of view CMOS image sensors for aerial surveillance for defense applicationsMukul Sarkar

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