Integrated Electronics and Circuits
 Department of Electrical Engineering
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The faculty of the IEC group develop and maintain the following laboratory facilities:

RoomLaboratory nameFacilities
II-318A, II-312Impact and DRDO labsGraduate seating, workstation computing, server racks; software such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, Xilinx suites.
II-401Electronics labUndergraduate electronics laboratory primarily for analog circuits, digital circuits courses.
II-401ACharacterization labSemiconductor device characterization facility; probe station, semiconductor parameter analyzer, wafer level measurements.
II-318BPhotonics lab
II-311VLSI Measurements labAdvanced measurements facility; DC, analog, mixed-signal and RF measurements upto a few GHz; temperature chamber, dark chamber.
II-339B, 339CFlexible materials development lab

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