Distribution of total credits:

Program Core[P.C] Program Elective[P.E] Open Elective[O.E] Total Credits
42 12 06 60

Course Schedule:

Semester I:

Course no. Title Type L-T-P Credits
EEL734 MOS VLSI PC 3-0-0 3
EEL732 Micro Electronics PC 3-0-0 3
EEP735 IEC Laboratory I PC 0-0-6 3
---- Elective I OEI/PE 3-0-0 3
---- Elective II OEII/PE 3-0-0 3
---- Total Credits 15

Semester II:

Course no. Title Type L-T-P Credits
EEL832 Computer Aided VLSI Design PC 3-0-0 3
EEL784 IC Technology PC 3-0-0 3
EEL731 Digital Signal Processing - I PC 0-0-6 3
EEL782 Analog Integrated Circuits PC 3-0-0 3
EEP785 IEC Laboratory II PC 0-0-6 3
---- Elective III OEI/PE 3-0-0 3
---- Total Credits 18

Semester III:

Course no. Title Type L-T-P Credits
EED888 Major Project Part I PC 0-0-12 6
EEP788* IC Processing Lab PC 0-0-6 3
---- Electives IV OEI/PE 3-0-0 3
---- Electives V OEII/PE 3-0-0 3
---- Electives VI PE 3-0-0 3
---- Total Credits 18
*The course will be registered in the III Semester. The laboratory will run in the summer between the second and third semester.

Semester IV:

Course no. Title Type L-T-P Credits
EED889 Major Project Part II PC 0-0-24 12
---- Total Credits 12

List of Program Electives:

Course no. Course name Instructor
EED830 Minor Project (EEN) --
EEL781 Neural Networks Dr. Jayadeva
EEL783 Filter Design --
EEL786 Mixed signal circuit design Dr. G. S. Visweswaran
EEL787 Memory design and testing Dr. Kaushik Saha
CSL719 Synthesis of Digital Systems Dr. Preeti Ranjan Panda
EEL802 Testing and fault tolerance --
EEL831 Digital Signal Processing II Dr. S. D. Joshi, Dr. Brijesh Lal
EEL833 Selected topics in IEC --
EEL834 VLSI Design --
EEL836 Biomedical Electronics Dr. S. M. K. Rahman
EEL881 Issues in deep sub-micron CMOS IC design Dr. Kaushik Saha
EEP788 IC processing lab Dr. Sudhir Chandra
EEP835 Project Laboratory (EEN) --
EES837 Independent Study (EEN) --
EEV831 Special Module in Nano Electronics --
EEV832 Special Module in Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design --
EEV833 Special Module Low Power IC Design --
EEV834 Special Module in VLSI Testing Dr. Vishwani Agrawal
EEV835 Special Module in Machine Learning --
EEV836 Special Module in Applied Mathematics --
EEV838 CMOS RF IC Design Dr. Shouribrata Chatterjee
EEV839 Selected Topics in IC II --